Do the guidelines apply to me?

Background Patients who themselves have medical expertise have been found to receive care that is systematically different from care provided to non-expert patients. However, the current literature has been unable to ascertain whether the differences are due to expert patients sending less noisy signals about their preferences or health state than non-experts (statistical discrimination theory) or whether experts use their informational advantage to demand better care than non-expert patients (agency discrimination theory).

Fertility and labour market outcomes - evidence from prenatal screening information

In this paper I study the labour market effects of having additional children. I find a limited impact of going from two to three children using a novel source of exogenous variation in family size stemming from prenatal screening information.

The Impact of Antidepressant Use on Socioeconomic Outcomes of Treated Individuals and Their Families (With Sonia Bhalotra, Meltem Daysal and Mircea Trandafir)